Events & Activities

You will find life at Apex full of events and activities round the year, all led and managed by students themselves. All these events and activities aim at developing creativity, networking and leadership skills in students. Some of the regular events organized by student clubs include Apex Day, Sports Week, Smile Fest, Short Movie Making Festival, and SMART. Apexians celebrate every occasion with much enthusiasm and great zeal.
Orientation to newly enrolled students is carried out in two phases, on- campus and off-campus orientation. The undergraduate students socialize themselves in the two days residential program, being engaged in various team building and networking activities. It is followed by an on -campus orientation which helps them understand the program they are enrolled in, college life in general, and the Apex fraternity.
For Graduate programs, students carry out outdoor and indoor activities as a part of extensive orientation. Students explore market places outside the Kathmandu valley and study the area to explore new business opportunities, prepare reports overnight and present it to the team.  Dhulikhel, Sauraha, Baglung, Pokhara have been a few destinations explored so far for this purpose.

SMART is a signature program of Apex designed to enrich your research, communication and presentation skills. SMART enables you to understand the realities of life outside the curriculum and college. Highly appreciated by students, SMART is a learning source for different issues. It involves every undergraduate student in every semester.

Apex Talks Management Program (ATMP)
At Apex, you get the opportunity to learn from some of the leading personalities of business and society. Experts from various walks of life - as a great source of learning - help you transform yourself by sharing their vision, values, and experiences. They guide and inspire you with their practical insights to understand emerging issues of business and life. Through 'Apex Talks Management', they help broaden your horizon and prepare you for real world business and society.
Talks management by Year : 2015 | 2014 | 2013

Designed for the students of undergraduate programs, Horizon is an extensive orientation program that helps you look at various social and managerial issues around the world, analyze them through your own perspective, and present it in a team. It fosters your analytical, report writing and presentation skills and prepares you for the four- year- long program.

Apex Day
Apex Day- a mega event of the college- represents creativity, talents, leadership, and event management skills of Apexians. It provides you opportunity to create and express yourselves. Packed with music, dance, drama, and comedy, Apex Day spreads the message of excellence, diversity and harmony in society. It is an outcome of rigorous preparation, great anticipation and considerable enthusiasm with the theme ‘Celebrating College Life’.
You are encouraged to enthusiastically participate and be a part of this much awaited annual event. Your participation as an organizer, performer, audience all counts as a way of making good memories at college which you cherish lifelong.

Apex Sports Week
Guided by the mission and values of the college, Apex Sports Week – a mega annual event - sums up and promotes sportsmanship, integrity, excellence, diversity, global perspective, mutual respect and friendship among all Apexians. It also develops and highlights the physical and mental performance of students, faculty and staff. Over the years, we have promoted Apex Sports Week as a symbol of harmony among Apexians, where our values are actually put into practice.

Apex Film Festival
Apex Film Festival exhibits imagination, creativity and skills of our students. Last year, our students produced eight very good short movies based on the theme of 'My Dream'. This Film Festival - an annual event - challenges and also offers an opportunity to see the world through the eyes of young students.

Apex Smile Culture
‘Smile’ is an evolving culture at Apex that drives all of us to express positive emotions and reflect healthy and happy life. Apex Smile Culture is an integral part of all activities we carry out within and beyond the college premises.

College to Corporate
It is an extensive workshop organized by the Apex Career Services to the graduating students of the college.  Designed to polish the graduates and provide them with the necessary employability skills, this workshop helps students choose their career options prudently. This workshop is conducted annually to achieve holistic development of students and enables them to adapt to the dynamic job market. The workshop introduces students to the real corporate world, their expectations and employability prerequisites. The workshop targets on answering almost all queries that students might have on further studies, job hunting and entrepreneurship.

Apex for Society
'We are never free from our social responsibility'. Realizing this fact, Apex promotes a movement that aims to build social awareness and responsibility among students, faculty and Staff members, through a social initiative ‘Apex for Society’. We encourage and engage Apexians in activities like Bagmati Safai Maha Abhiyan, blood donation, cloth distribution, support to orphanages and schools, health awareness campaigns, active support during natural calamities like floods and earthquakes etc.