BCIS-Small_websiteBCIS program prepares you to analyze, design and build systems and implement solutions that drive every business these days. It empowers you to deal with people, process and technology. You learn to manage the environment related to information, communication and technology, which constitutes an integral part of any organization. Besides, you learn to explore strategies for working collaboratively within and outside the organization. You also learn to analyze and evaluate information processing needs, and construct solutions through ever changing set of technologies.

This program, a blend of academic theories with hands-on experience, helps you work in collaboratively distributed teams—the work style of future. It trains you to translate your distance learning experience to the workplace, and improves your ability to work across organizational, disciplinary, and geographic boundaries.

Upon graduation, you can start your career as network administrator, system analyst, software developer, business consultant or web programmer. You may also choose to launch your career in any key function of a business or social organization.

BCIS at Apex is a four-year, 124 credit hour program affiliated to Pokhara University.