Apex Career Services (ACS) is one of the major departments of Apex College which provides a number of programs and services at both undergraduate and graduate levels to help our students plan and develop their career and get to their desired destination. Students acquire knowledge through the regular coursework whereas they develop their skills and attitude through various activities including ACS.

Through ACS, we conduct a number of activities in the college including individual career counseling, skill development workshops, seminars and trainings, employer presentations, student-corporate house interactions, student-alumni meet, summer project, internship and placement.

We frequently visit corporate houses and other organizations under the ‘Apex Corporate Visit’ APEX CAREER SERVICES
to strengthen our relationship with corporate houses and social organizations and to be aware of what prospective employers expect from our graduates. Last year, we visited more than 50 corporate houses and social organizations for the purpose.

Moreover, ACS hosts the ‘Apex Corporate Meet’ which provides an opportunity for graduates and alumni to interact with the prominent corporate houses and organizations representing many different industries in the country. In January 2013, we organized Apex Corporate Meet to facilitate interactions between our graduates and potential employers.

We hope this profile will help you in finding out Apex MBA graduates who can contribute to your organization. You will also find the soft copy of this profile in our college website.

For further information, please contact:

Kul Prasad Prasai
Apex Career Services
Apex College
1261 Devkota Sadak
Baneshwor, Kathmandu, Nepal
P.O. Box No.: 19691
Tel: 4467922, 4478841, Ext.160, Fax: 4467923