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May 2, 2017
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June 13, 2017
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Apex College welcomed a team of faculty members and students from Georgia Southwestern State University (GSSU), Georgia, USA today. The students of Apex College engaged themselves in an interaction program with the students of GSSU. The session revolved around understanding the socio-cultural aspects of two nations and sharing experiences with each other on student- life. This was indeed a fruitful session for the students of GSSU, many of whom had visited Asia for the first time. Nonetheless, students of Apex College also thoroughly enjoyed the session. It was a different experience to meet people and understand their coevals who shared different values about life, society and even careers. Apex College has always believed in the strength of networking, one of underlying principles that guide our activities. Interaction sessions as these not only help students build networks, but also broaden their vision on global perspectives.

Meanwhile, a team of faculty members from GSSU also visited the college whereby Prof. Philip Szmedra. While students from GSSU and students of Apex Undergraduate programs had an interaction session among themselves, Prof. Szmedra held a parallel session with students of Graduate Programs at Apex College. The session was held under the banner of Apex Talks Management. Prof. Szmedra is the Professor of Economics¬ at Georgia Southwestern State University who has conducted many researches in the field of economics. HE shared some of his views on “foreign exchange regime and its impact on international trade.” It was a fruitful session as students got to understand the international trade with a new perspective.

Visiting faculties and students from other countries not only bring about a new thought process into the regular learning environment at Apex College, but also enrich the learning environment. Students are directly involved in the interaction with experts from various walks of life, from around the world, and that makes learning even more effective. Apex Talks Management is such regular feature at Apex which continues to bring the real world experiences and knowledge into the classroom and enrich knowledge through interactions.

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