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Apex College was established in the year 2000 AD with the aim of ‘building human capital’ and making a far-reaching impression in Nepal’s business academia sphere.

Apex College was established in the year 2000 AD with the aim of ‘building human capital’ and making a far-reaching impression in Nepal’s business academia sphere. It initially commenced with launching BBA and BCIS programs under the affiliation of Pokhara University and later broadened with BBA-BI and BBA-TT programs. To this day, Apex College serves four programs for undergraduate level students and two for graduate level students with different rooms for experiential learning and excellence. On top of that, Apex facilitates a total of nine different clubs from bachelors and masters programs that serve the different interests and exploratory areas for students of diverse nature and backgrounds. Apex has introduced innovative learning labs to students of all programs to ensure ‘learning by doing’ approach in an Apexian’s life. Along with academic excellence, notable co-curricular and extra-curricular activities have equipped and furnished the Nepalese business sectors with best of minds. 

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Our Mission and Values

At Apex College, our mission is to develop principled and insightful leaders who can transform organizations and the society we live in, through innovative education, research and networking. At Apex, we believe in and share some fundamental values. Guided and inspired by these values, we strive for excellence in everything we do.


We emphasize personal integrity and responsibility, as these are qualities essential for leadership at all levels of academic involvement. Through our policies, actions and teaching, we promote and emphasize upon uprightness and honesty among our students, faculty and staff.


We aspire for positive, unparalleled and exemplary growth of the entire apex family. Apex has whittled and maintained outstanding programs, faculty, students, management, infrastructure and the institute as a whole. Our motive is to achieve brilliance amongst all authorities to bring about defining changes in the society.

Respect for Individual and Intellectual Differences

We welcome students, faculty and staff from different schools of thoughts that eventually add value to the college ecosystem. Thus, we help to build a favorable environment to promote and respect individual and intellectual differences.

Diversity and Inclusiveness

We encourage diversity and inclusivity in our programs, faculty, staff and the organization as a whole. The diversity in our teaching approaches, operative mechanisms, students’ enrollment and learning environment have played a significant role in nurturing young enthusiasts. Apex has always been inclusive about diverse cultures, values and beliefs.

Global Perspective

In this increasingly interconnected world, our students are exposed to different opportunities, ideas and interpretation to adjust to the changing dynamics of the world business. Apex encourages its faculty to help develop a global perspective on business among the students that prepares them for local, national and global markets.