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Apex College was established in 2000 with the aim of ‘building human capital’ and making a far-reaching impact in Nepal’s business academia sphere. We commenced with the launch of the BBA and BCIS programs, under the affiliation of Pokhara University, and we later added the BBA-BI and BBA-TT programs. Today, Apex College offers four undergraduate programs and two graduate programs.

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Our Mission and Values

At Apex College, our mission is to develop principled and insightful leaders who can transform organizations and the society we live in, through innovative education, research and networking. At Apex, we believe in and share some fundamental values. Guided and inspired by these values, we strive for excellence in everything we do.


We emphasize personal integrity and responsibility, as these are qualities essential for leadership at all levels of academic involvement. Through our policies, actions and teaching, we promote and emphasize upon uprightness and honesty among our students, faculty and staff.


We strive for excellence in everything we do, and thus the high standards we have set for our programmes, students, faculty, staff, and the organisation as a whole.

Respect for Individual and Intellectual Differences

We recognise individual and intellectual differences among our students, faculty, and staff. We respect ourselves and others and honour each other as individuals.

Diversity and Inclusiveness

We believe in and appreciate the value of diversity of cultures and opinions in society. We are inclusive of and treat diversity as a source of learning. We attempt to create an environment where the values of diversity are understood, nurtured, and celebrated.

Global Perspective

We encourage our college community to develop a global perspective on business, and to act accordingly by staying connected with the world at large.