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You worked very hard to graduate from Apex; it's time to make the most of your alumni experience.

Apex Alumni Network caters to a healthy and growing network of alumni, which will serve as the most energetic and engaged business school alumni network in Nepal by helping to build a connection of a lifetime. With the initiation of a few of our alumni, the Network is in the process of formation with an aim to provide a long term opportunity for the alum to stay connected among their college mates pursuing careers in various fields. These connections will help you in a variety of ways, including network development, business expansion, professional advancement, and more. 

Currently, Ad hoc Committee is serving as the provisional committee for Apex Alumni members to create an environment to form an Apex Alumni Network in coalition with the Apex Alumni Center. Since, it isn't uncommon for our alumni to work together with other alumni and students of Apex, the Apex network is expected to grow bigger and better in a structural manner. Therefore, we, the Ad-hoc Committee, invite all our alumni, recent or old, to join this network and thrive, as a family should.


Stay in Touch

Please click on the link below and fill the form to register. Once registered, you will become a valuable member of this wide, diversified, and highly regarded community of Apex Alumni. Thus, all the updates on upcoming events, activities, and major developments will be notified to you via emails, texts, newsletters etc.


If you have any queries or concerns, kindly reach out to us via ( We're excited to connect with you!


You can also find us on following platforms.

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