Apex Advantage

Evolved with the central theme of ‘Building Human Capital’, Apex College has offered unique opportunity of transformative experience to every student. Founded in 2000, Apex has been constantly striving to promote knowledge, skills and values in every student. In fact, every student at Apex is an epitome of our values that have guided and motivated him/her to be a principled and insightful leader of both business and society.

Case Study

Rich Student – Faculty Ratio 

We have probably the largest and diversified team of full-time faculty among private management colleges in the country. The large number of full time faculty ensures a high students- faculty ratio. As a result, our students get the benefit of regular and longer contact hours for interaction with the faculty members. Moreover, our faculty members are responsible for student’s learning and growth, not only for a particular course they teach. Similarly, our visiting faculty members representing various social and corporate organizations bring real world experiences to the benefit of our classrooms.

Apex Student Counseling Services

Apex Student Counseling Services guide and support you in your academic and personal growth. Guided by a faculty expert, the counseling services help you address your emotional, interpersonal and academic concerns individually. This service educates and motivates you to make the most out of your program of study and college experience. The faculty works closely with you to ensure that your personal and academic goals are being met.

Life at Apex

Students’ Life, Clubs and Events

We believe in commitment, hard work and dedication. Our students represent different social, cultural and professional background and bring together diversity which enriches learning beyond classrooms. Their ideas, skills, creativity and diversity make life at Apex very eventful, colorful and memorable.
There are eight clubs at Apex, each of which is led and managed by students themselves. They organize events like Apex Day, Apex Sports Week, Apex Film Festival, Apex Smile Fest, Apex IT workshops to name a few. Events are an integral part of life at Apex, making every day full of excitement.

Apex Career Services

Apex Career Services (ACS) is dedicated to facilitate your internship and placement. Led by a team of faculty and staff members, ACS plays an instrumental role in bridging the gap between industry and academia through continuous interactions between industry and the college. It helps you achieve your career goals through various services: career counseling, corporate meet, employer presentation, and on-campus recruitment. As a result of dedicated services by ACS, our graduates are contributing to many leading national and international organizations.

Teaching Learning Methodologies

We employ a number of teaching learning methods. Primarily, we use a combination of various approaches like case study, collaborative team project, in addition to seminar, field visit, article review, role play, research work, independent study, and interactive class sessions. These methods combined together create an effective learning environment and make your learning interesting and more productive in classroom and beyond.