Apex IT Club successfully organized Apex FIFA 17 Xbox 360 Tournament with support from the college on July 19-21. Organized with the objective of promoting gaming culture at college, there were over 150 active participants in the 3-day event. As the name goes, the main event was the FIFA 17 Tournament on Xbox 360 consoles , while it was accentuated by the side events such as Counter-Strike and Mini-Militia tournaments as well, so as to have something for non-FIFA players as well. Some Apex alumni were also seen participating actively at the event. Console Bazaar – the associate sponsor and Himalayan Host Pvt. Ltd. were the main sponsors for the event while there were also many other sponsors for the event including Hotel Yak & Yeti, The Bakery Café and Balthali Village Resort. Over the 3-day event, the participants played and enjoyed to the fullest and so did the onlookers. The female participants, though less in  number, proved that they were equal to the males in gaming activities. Overall, the event was a grand success and the hard work of the members of Apex IT Club was fruitful in the end. The organizers plan to continue this event as a culture in the future, and make it bigger and better.