Concentration MBA

The MBA program offers you an opportunity to concentrate on areas like Marketing, Finance and Human Resource Management. You can choose any area of concentration from among several career-focused courses. You are required to select and complete any four courses, equal to eight credit hours, from any one of the following concentration areas:

Marketing Research 2 credits
Consumer Behavior 2 credits
Promotions Management 2 credits
Service Marketing Strategy 2 credits
Global Marketing 2 credits
Strategic Brand Management 2 credits
Management of Capital Investment Decisions 2 credits
Corporate Financing Decisions 2 credits
Working Capital Management 2 credits
Financial Institutions and Markets 2 credits
Portfolio Management and Security Analysis 2 credits
International Finance 2 credits
Financial Derivatives and Risk Management 2 credits
Financial Restructuring Strategy 2 credits
Human Resource Management
HRD Strategies 2 credits
Compensation Management 2 credits
Career Development Strategies in HRM 2 credits
Employee Relations Management 2 credits
Performance Management 2 credits
International HRM 2 credits
Seminar in HRM 2 credits
General Management
Organizational Development 2 credits
International Management 2 credits
Management Challenges in Emerging Economies 2 credits
Conflict Management and Negotiation Strategies 2 credits
Managing for Quality Improvement 2 credits
Knowledge Management 2 credits
Competitive Strategy 2 credits
Seminar in General Management 2 credits
Management Science and Systems
Business Processing Re-engineering 2 credits
Total Quality Management 2 credits
System Analysis and Design 2 credits
Optimization Theory 2 credits
Decision Support System 2 credits
Supply Chain and Global Operations 2 credits
Database Management 2 credits
Business Simulation 2 credits