Students’ Voice

MBA’s experience of Apex Leadership Development Workshop: A Journey towards Leadership Development

Apex Leadership Development Workshop, a five-day event organized by the students of MBA at Apex College was an intense program which aimed at enhancing the leadership skills of the participants. A unique, intensive and highly interactive program, it was a new experience for Apexians who coordinated, participated and contributed to the success of the workshop. With an overwhelming response from the participants, the organizers have held their head high and gained much confidence in hosting similar programs in future.

Anu Dahal BBA BI 2015

My experience at Apex College has taught me one fundamental thing. Life is unpredictable. It might be good or bad. But I have good experience. I have been making a lot of friends, thinking more about future as well as over professor are inspiring us a lot. college has explore our co-curricular skills and our interest the exposure provides by Apex College is unparalleled and it provide you immense opportunities in whatever field you are passionate about peer support in the college.

Kshitiz Karki BBA-BI 2015

The environment at Apex College is composed of diverse opportunities and experiences. I would have been unaware of, had I not been a part of apex college. In addition to learning practical skills in my field of study, it has also taught me how to be a better person individually, socially and globally. So, being an Apexian makes me proud and happy.


Punam Karmacharya BBA 2015

Being an Apexian is itself a moment of proud. For me going to college was all about mastering knowledge in textbooks. But as being Apexian I have been motivated and driven to develop personal integrity and responsibility, being provided with skill to flourish in work-based environment.

Savona Sapkota BBA 2013

BBA at apex has truly helped me to explore myself and groom my potentialities. Opportunities provided here has guided me to strongly build my personality and public relation as well as it has made me more independent with aids of qualities that a good leader and a manager should possess to deal with real business environment.

Today, I am able to organize and successfully conducted an event, and it’s all because of Apex.

Utsav Mallik BCIS 2016

A complete college experience is what Apex delivers. High quality education along with the various extra-curricular activities available here has brought forth various opportunities for me and helped me grow both intellectually as well as socially. Joining Apex was the right choice for undergrad was the right choice for me.

Avash Rijal BBA BI 2015

As it is said that a college degree is not a sign that one is a finished product but an indication that a person is prepared for life. For this preparedness, iam gleeful that I have chosen Apex College as is stands as the flag-bearer of an impeccable college for young enthusiasts like us. Not only have I received an academic environment but also various academic offerings research opportunities, engaging curriculum, clubs and activities to match my interests, leadership opportunities and the like.

Shubhechchha Koirala BBA 2015

The foremost things in life is gaining experience and learning through it. I gained a lot of experience in Apex College in about 2 years which helped for my personal development. The major lesson is I learnt to present myself in front of others, coordinate in a team, most important one is I learnt to become myself with my self-characters.

Sezil Dangol BCIS 2015

Apex College has become a platform to enroll inner talent with in us. It has a capable and qualified faculty members to empower the students to compete the business market. Friendly and corporative habit encourage to be skillful and creative. The comfortable arrangement of activities and participation of students make everyone to challenge for leadership and development.

Grishma Poudel BBA 2015

When I head off to college, I made a lot of new changes in my life. I was suddenly on my own, with a lot more freedom and a whole new world of opportunities to embrace. New place, new circle everything was quite different when I first get to college. It was a new system of evaluation, short time heavy assignments, projects deadline, the every other new terms surely changed my mindset to expect it. Accepting new changes and situations is challenging in itself. Meantime the very things I noticed and apex was, it engages the concept of education with experience. College isn’t just about leaning facts and theories from textbooks. A large part of college involves exploring new subjects, finding friends and meeting people from different backgrounds. The journey of 1 year in Apex for me introduction of myself was the most beautiful thing, that I would never forget it my entire life.

Bisham Regmi BBA BI 2016

Apex College is the best way to initiate your bachelor level studies. It has various programs BBA, BBA-BI, BBA-TT and BCIS. In which you are free to enroll. It has great support from administration as well as the management. Apex specially focuses on your exposure, confidence and for the betterment. You can find various people with similar interest as you’re accompanied for the journey. If I was to recommend people for their studies, it would be Apex College.

Sejal Chaulagain BBA BI 2016

I feel very lucky to be an Apexian. Studying in the college is the biggest platform, everyone is like a family over here. Being in a good environment with good peoples is generally what everyone seeks. We gather a lot of experience and memories.

Abhishek Acharya BCIS 2015

As a fresher, the college can be overwhelmingly exciting. You go through a range of emotions and meet more people from different backgrounds who bring newer perspectives. Whilst it takes a while to adjust and get used to this ride and in the midst of it your first internals get announced, it is noteworthy that after a while this experience becomes a part of you.

Avishek Shrestha BCIS 2015

Shaping one’s educational personality is intricate deed in itself. At apex, you will be challenged intellectually by one of the best facilities in the country. Apart from enigma of books, one gets change to learn several skills and gets great exposure to the career path you are going to pursue. The experience you get at Apex becomes a part of your personality. Overall, the whole journey becomes joyful and fruitful at the same time. “Sweets on your both hands”

Sankita Sigdel BCIS 2014

When I first joined the apex college I was not the same person that I am today. Apex College has changed a lot in me. I have experienced so many situations through club activities, SMART report which will apply to my real life in coming future. “Building human Capital” is not just a slogan, it is practice here. It in me “working harder can turn a caterpillar in me to beautiful Butterfly tomorrow”.