BBA- BI is a four-year, 120 credit hour program of Pokhara University. It prepares you especially for the careers in banking, finance and insurance. Recognizing the breadth and depth of an academic program, it comprises of the core and elective components.

The BBA-BI curriculum provides you a sound understanding of contemporary management and develops your communication, interpersonal, leadership and IT skills required to succeed in today’s competitive global environment. It also significantly develops your analytical skills required in banking and insurance industry through various practical assignments and project works.

It gradually takes you to concentrate on the areas of banking and insurance. Designed to provide concepts and practices of modern banking and insurance, it also deals with the environmental forces that affect banking and insurance business in Nepal.

Along with the course work, the BBA-BI curriculum requires you to complete an internship program and one summer project to graduate from the program.

Semester Plan BBA-BI

Semester I Credits
English I 3
Business Mathematics I 3
Introductory Microeconomics 3
Fundamentals of Sociology 3
General Psychology 3
Semester II Credits
English II 3
Business Mathematics II 3
Financial Accounting I 3
Principles of Management 3
Introductory Macroeconomics 3
Semester III Credits
Business Communication 3
Business Statistics 3
Principles of Insurance 3
Financial Accounting II 3
Fundamentals of Organizational Behavoiur 3
Semester IV Credits
Risk and Insurance Management 3
Essentials of Finance 3
Data Analysis and Modeling 3
Basics of Managerial Accounting 3
Business Research Methods 3
Semester V Credits
Introduction to Management Information Systems 3
Financial Institutions and Markets 3
Management of Commercial Bank 3
Management of Human Resources 3
Principles of Marketing 3
Project Work 3
Semester VI Credits
Essentials of e-Business 3
Financial Management 3
Legal Aspects of Banking and Insurance 3
Life and Health Insurance 3
Internship 3
Semester VII Credits
Fundamentals of Operations Management 3
Property and Liability Insurance 3
Treasure Operations 3
Credit Risk Management 3
Elective I 3
Semester VIII Credits
Business Environment in Nepal 3
Strategic Management 3
International Banking and Insurance 3
Elective II 3

BBA-BI Concentration

The BBA-BI program is specifically designed for careers in banking, finance and insurance. Therefore, it does not offer additional or separate courses for concentration.

BBA-BI Electives

You are required to successfully complete two elective courses equivalent to 6 credit to graduate the BBA-BI program.

Courses Credits
Corporate Finance 3
Microfinance 3
Fundamentals of Financial Derivatives 3
Trade Finance 3
Marketing of Banking and Insurance Products 3
IT for Financial and Insurance Services 3
Special Topics in Insurance 3
Investment Management 3

BBA-BI Evaluation And Grading

Your performance will be evaluated and graded as per the evaluation and grading system of Pokhara University. Your performance in a course is evaluated internally by the concerned faculty member and externally by the Office of the Controller of Examinations (COE). The pass mark in each course will be a minimum Grade of D or GPA of 1.00 . However, students must secure a minimum CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) of C or 2.0 at the end of the program.

Your performance will be graded as per the following scale:

Grade Honor Points(CGPA) Description
A 4.0 Outstanding
A- 3.7 Excellent
B+ 3.3 Very Good
B 3.0 Good
B- 2.7 Fair
C+ 2.3 Fair
C 2.0 Fair
C- 1.7 Poor
D+ 1.3 Poor
D 1.0 Poor
F 0.0 Fail

BBA-BI Fee Structure

Total fee payable to the college (in four years) Rs.7,10,000
Induction Module Rs. 14,000
Refundable Deposit Rs. 10,000
Total fee payable to the university Rs.48,000
Total fee payable in four years spread over 15 installments Rs.7,82,000

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