BCIS is a four-year, 126 credit hours curriculum of Pokhara University. The curriculum aims to integrate the concepts and practices of management with information systems and technology. It prepares you to develop a complete and integrated management information system required by today’s organizations to make informed decisions on time. The curriculum introduces you the contemporary concepts, issues, and practices of management, and leads you to enhance your knowledge and skills of information systems and technology which you need to develop a management information system.

The curriculum also offers you an opportunity to select two elective courses, equivalent to 6 credit hours, to meet your personal interest and career aspiration. Apart from coursework, you are also required to complete one internship, one major project (3 credits) and two minor projects (1 credit and 2 credits) to graduate from the BCIS program.

Semester Plan BCIS

Semester I Credits
English I 3
Mathematics I 3
General Psychology 3
Introductory Microeconomics 3
Principal of Management 3
Programming Language in C 3
Semester II Credits
English II 3
Mathematics II 3
Introductory Macroeconomics 3
Digital Systems 3
Object-Oriented Language (Java) 3
Semester III Credits
Business Statistics 3
Numerical Methods 3
System Analysis and Design 3
Fundamentals of Sociology 3
Computer Architecture and Microprocessor 3
Semester IV Credits
Data Analysis and Modeling 3
Financial Accounting I 3
Database Management System 3
Fundamentals of Organizational Behaviour 3
Internet Technology (Web Programming) 3
Minor Project I 1
Semester V Credits
Fundamentals of Financial Management 3
Operating Systems 3
Data Communications and Networks 3
Principles of Marketing 3
Advance Programming (Java) 3
Semester VI Credits
Business Research Method 3
Fundamentals of Operations Management 3
Electronic Commerce (Programming) 3
Computer Graphics and Image Processing 3
Data Structure and Algorithm 3
Minor Project II 2
Semester VII Credits
Information System Security 3
Management of Human Resources 3
IT Project Management 3
Internship 3
Elective I 3
Semester VIII Credits
Legal Aspects of Business and Technology 3
Strategic Management 3
Digital Economy 3
Major Project 3
Elective II 3

BCIS Concentration

As the BCIS program is specifically designed for careers relating to information systems and technology in organization irrespective of their nature, size and locations, it does not offer additional or separate courses as concentration.

BCIS Electives

You must successfully complete any three courses, equivalent to nine credit hours, from the following options:

Courses Credits
Dot Net Technology 3
Routing and Switching 3
System Administration on Windows and Linux 3
Mobile and Wireless Communication System 3
Cloud Computing 3
Distributed Database Management System 3
Management of Technology 3
Mobile Computing (Programming) 3
Geographical Information System 3

BCIS Evaluation And Grading

Your performance will be evaluated and graded as per the evaluation and grading system of Pokhara University. Your performance in a course is evaluated internally by the concerned faculty member and externally by the Office of the Controller of Examinations (COE). The pass mark in each course will be a minimum Grade of D or GPA of 1.00 . However, students must secure a minimum CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) of C or 2.0 at the end of the program.

Your performance will be graded as per the following scale:

Grade Honor Points(CGPA) Description
A 4.0 Outstanding
A- 3.7 Excellent
B+ 3.3 Very Good
B 3.0 Good
B- 2.7 Fair
C+ 2.3 Fair
C 2.0 Fair
C- 1.7 Poor
D+ 1.3 Poor
D 1.0 Poor
F 0.0 Failure

BCIS Fee Structure

Total fee payable to the college (in four years) Rs. 7,22,500
Induction Module Rs. 14,000
Refundable Deposit Rs. 10,000
Total fee payable to the university Rs. 48,000
Total fee payable in four years spread over 15 installments Rs. 7,94,500

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