Global Connection

Exploring the world of education is not limited to national boundaries. Apex inculcates  this as one of its values among students and members of Apex College. The college has hence explored opportunities in international universities and the global network is, with time growing. Apex has, till date partnered with universities in Australia, USA and Europe. The mutual understanding between these universities and Apex College allows students and faculty members of the colleges to benefit from various scholarships and exchange programs.

Every year, a group of students from the university visits Apex College for a five-day long workshop program on Micro finance in Action. The workshop is held in initiation of Mr. Alberto Lanzavecchia, professor from University of Padova and Mr. Kishore Dhungana, Associate Director of Graduate programs at Apex College. So far, four workshops have been organized in which more than 20 students from University of Padova have visited Apex College. The year of 2017 opened new avenues for students of Apex College to go to University of Padova under the Erasmus plus scholarship. 4 students from MBA joined University of Padova and returned in April 2018 after completing six months diploma course in Micro Finance.

Apex College has also signed MoU with Georgia Southwestern State University, whereby students from Apex College can get special benefits if they want to purse degree from the USA. Similarly, the college also has signed MoU with Mcquire University in Australia where students of Apex College can benefit for further studies.

University of Padova,
Georgia Southwestern State University, Georgia, USA
Macquarie University, Melbourne, Australia