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Apex currently has 5 centers and 13 learning labs running in graduate and undergraduate levels. Apex Centers provides students with safe and innovative spaces where they strengthen their innovative and inspiring career aspirations. Whereas, Apex learning labs promote the experiential and rigorous approaches to learning that sharpens and whittles the student’s capabilities to excellence.

Apex Startup Center

Whether you have plans to start a new venture, or simply interested in entrepreneurship, Apex Startup Center will support your endeavors. You can benefit from office space and amenities, meeting with mentors, events, and workshops provided by the center.

Apex Startup Centre serves as an ecosystem, students to venture into the world of entrepreneurship by connecting academic education with real world business and innovation. The Startup Center helps students and alumni entrepreneurs refine their business ideas, develop business models, and go to market by providing them with seed funding, workspace to mentoring, networking and training from experienced founders, business experts and angel investors involved in the startup ecosystem.

Apex Startup Center has designed a rigorous business incubation program to help aspiring entrepreneurs validate, refine, and develop their ideas into viable businesses. Every year, the center runs two cohorts of its business incubation program for Apexians to convert their ideas into new ventures.This program intends to provide a fast-paced introduction to entrepreneurship with hands-on activities and sessions. Participants of this program will develop an entrepreneurial mindset, and eventually become entrepreneurs operating their own startups by solving problems and capitalizing on opportunities across different sectors.

The startups and entrepreneurs will go through an extensive selection process before being incorporated in the incubator and upon starting their incubation period they will get research support, training, business consultation, technical advice as well as advice on marketing, legal, compliance and accounting. The benefits of joining this incubation program go well beyond the peripheries of Apex, but rather prove them with the opportunity to network with well-established entrepreneurs, angel investors, venture capitalists, private equity firms as well as the startup community and other entrepreneurs to share their experience and knowledge.

This Center is being run in partnership with NEXT Venture Corp, which has a long-standing experience in building the startup ecosystem of Nepal by running incubators, accelerators, invetors network and other entrepreneurship platforms.

Apex Career Service

The mission of Apex Career Services (ACS) is to support students in developing their career vision and connecting them with employment opportunities. The Centre is run and managed under the leadership of Mrs. Sweta Singh Shahi, head of Apex Career Service.

The Apex Career Services (ACS) provides placements for bachelors and MBA graduates across business sectors in Nepal. Many Apex graduates end up working in banking, trading, multinational companies, insurance companies, airlines, and government. Over the last year, the ACS placed graduates in the following institutions, among many others: Unilever, Nestle, Dabur Nepal, Standard Chartered Bank, Nepal Rastra Bank, Bank of Kathmandu, Rastriya Banijya Bank, Sipradi Trading, MAW, Jyoti Life, National Insurance, Nepal Life Insurance, Lumbini Insurance, Nepal Airlines, Yeti Airlines, and Cedar Gate. Before Apexians go out into the job market, the faculty and staff counsel them on their career options, refine their job pitches, and mentor them regarding interviewing and professional image-building skills. 


Apex Research Centre

The Apex Research Centre is a business and management research center designed for the development of faculty and scholars at Apex to hunt, strive and create new knowledge in the business sector.


Apex Alumni Centre

‘Once an Apexian, always an Apexian’

The Apex Alumni Centre was established to stand firm on the above age old adage of Apex College. Once an individual has entered the premises of Apex, they become an integral part of our family while Apex cherishes and treasures them forever. Apex Alumni Center was initiated to keep our Apex family in a loop, connected to each other. The alumni center is still in the process of being made, and will be further managed and operated by the remarkable alumni of Apex. The centre will organize various seasonal events and activities that will bring students and alumni members in close contact. Thus, this network helps Apexians, striving to sharpen their skills, knowledge and career in the market, to have healthy networks with one of the best example setters and leaders of the market. These connections even ensure proactive and capable mindsets at Apex to the growing or established business firms or organizations, our Alumni have invested themselves in. The centre is a ‘call back home’ appeal to all the past students of the Apex family and provides them a safe space to recall all the relaxing and life changing memories of life at Apex.


Learning Labs

Learning Labs at Apex were originally introduced for MBA students as an extended yet integral feature of our classroom learning experience. Currently, we have altogether 15 labs being offered under various graduate and undergraduate programmes.

The learning labs introduced by various acadmeic programs under both the graduate and undergraduate school are extended yet integral feature of our classroom learning experience. It is mandatory for the students to get involved in the labs that are directly related to their course of study and as recommended by the Program Heads,  as we believe doing so will develop in them a more practical approach that is useful in real-life situations. 

  • Communications Lab
  • Leadership Lab
  • Venture Lab
  • Global Business Lab
  • Social Business Lab
  • Digital Business Lab
  • Family Business Lab
  • Finance Lab
  • BFIS Lab
  • FinTech Lab
  • Brand Lab
  • People Lab
  • Legal Lab
  • Language & Culture Lab
  • Tourism Innovation Lab