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Events and activities at Apex make the college journey memorable and endearing in the life of an Apexian. While the clubs at Apex College organize many of these events and celebrations, some of our longest running events are the following;

Apex Horizon

Apex Horizon, a co-curricular activity, is planned and conducted for the fresh batch of students entering Apex College to warm them up on skills such as leadership, creative, analytical, critical, and time management. These first semester undergraduate students are provided with resources and a platform to gain knowledge, skill and understanding in various strands of report writing, research and furnishing presentation that prepares them for the proactive learning ways at Apex. Horizon acts as the stepping stone for Apexians to familiarize with the diligent and contributing academic environment at Apex. 



Apex SMART, a co-curricular activity, brings together the undergraduate students of the second and fourth semesters to enhance their skills around research, report-writing, presentation, working in teams, analytic thinking, leadership, communication, and time management. SMART, a student-led program, is overseen by faculty members and the academic director for the college’s bachelor programs. Over the course of the event,  seniors mentor their juniors, for whom SMART provides a great opportunity to grow into professionals with skills that can be readily deployed in the corporate world. 

Apex Day

‘Apex Day: Celebrating College Life’ brings together the entire Apex family of students, alumni, staff and faculty members to celebrate and mark the day of being a proud Apexian. It is a versatile event organized under the leadership of Apex Music and Dance Club, which organizes entertainment activities such as music, drama, dance and the likes, all performed by students. Mr and Miss Apex are one of the most exciting segments of the event. It is a platform for Apexians to enhance their personality and communication skills. This talent show will crown two most talented and enthusiastic students of the college who will be the role models for Apex College. Along with that, Apex Day 2019 also entailed a new event, Apex Got Talent, that required students to showcase their talents in drama, mimicry, stand-up comedy, music and so on.

Apex Sports Week

The Apex Sports week is an annual event organized by Apex Sports Club. Sport is an effective medium of bringing people together. Every individual or team game builds the players’ sportsmanship. Apex Sports Week was started with the idea of bringing Apexians i.e. students, faculty and staff, together in a single platform through sports. Apex Sports Week is an annual event at Apex College since its establishment in the year 2000. It is a 7 days long sporting event full of various indoor and outdoor, group and individuals, athletics and ball games, physical and mental. It is the first event which gives opportunities to the new batch of students to work and play together, and get to know each other in their new surroundings. As organizers Apex Sports Week also teaches students all the management skills of planning, leading, organizing and controlling. Organizers, in the process also learn effective communication skills, conflict handling skills, leadership skills, team work and task scheduling.


Apex Smile Festival

The Apex Smile festival was first organized in 2011 A.D under the leadership of Apex Media Club to enhance the ‘Smile’ culture at Apex. Apex Media Club is a student-led club formed with the purpose of providing a platform to enhance the photography, videography and communication skills among all Apexians. So the club organizes this one day exhibition to showcase the photography skills of all students, faculty, staff and alumni of Apex. It has been celebrated as a festival with music, celebrity appearances, best smile winner announcement and many more, and requires the participation of all the clubs, students and faculty to make it a huge success. Apex Smile Festival has become an Apex Culture and is celebrated every year by Apexians.


Apex Short Movie Festival

The Apex Short Movie Festival is an annual event at Apex which has been providing an opportunity to present and demonstrate real life moments and stories through creative and visual modes. It is one of the biggest events held outside the college premises organized and led by Apex Media Club. The club also facilitates students with different seminars and workshops on direction, editing and cinematography.

Apex Gamer’s Connect

‘Apex Gamers Connect’ is a gaming event organized by Apex IT club that includes Intra-College FIFA 19 and Inter-College DOTA 2 TOURNAMENT where prominent colleges from  Kathmandu valley participate and compete. This event brings the whole Apex as a single team, supporting each other, against the participating colleges. Apex Gamers Connect is the perfect platform for the so-called introverts to showcase their talent among masses and interact with like minded people. It is conducted annually and serves as a stepping stone in our effort to build a proper e-gaming culture in Apex and further enhance the relationship of our college with other colleges