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At Apex, we have clubs managed and operated by students of undergraduate and graduate levels to organize different events and activities that add value to skills development of the Apexians. Clubs at Apex make college life more enjoyable and memorable to the students. We currently have 10

Apex Entrepreneurship Club

Apex Entrepreneurship Club, a student-led club, is managed by the enthusiastic and creative minds of the MBA program.

Apex Entrepreneurship Club serves the vision to develop and propel the entrepreneurial zeal in Apexians. The program provides a simulation of idea generation, market research, business planning, execution and evaluation of the idea implementation in the real world. It facilitates passionate Apexians by catering them with workshops and seminars on technicalities of entrepreneurship activities including business planning and development. Throughout the years, the Apex Entrepreneurship Development Program has been effectively organized and executed by the club.


Apex Leadership Club

Apex Leadership Club is run and managed by the students of the MBA program interested in broadening the horizon of leadership skills among themselves and the domain of Apex. This program introduces a space for Apexians to discover and understand the different dynamics of the world that eventually shapes their behavior and growth in the long run.  It primarily serves as a source of learning and demonstrating their skills pushing them to explore their leadership potential required in the corporate world. The club has successfully undertaken and carried out the Apex Leadership Development Program over the years.

Apex Case Study Club

Apex Case Study Club is designed to serve the students of all programs in case development and analysis process under the mentorship of senior Apexians of masters program. It is administered by the students of the masters program who have a proven track record inside the club and its program. The Apex Case Study Development Program, a primary event of the club, aims at building up and strengthening the leadership, event management, communication, networking and research skills of the students. The club facilitates students with various training and seminars with the help of proficient resource persons to best whittle their knowledge from a broader perspective. It enhances critical thinking and analytical capabilities required during organization selection, case developments, field visits and case presentation process throughout the program. 


Apex Tourism Club

Apex Tourism Club is an initiative taken by enthusiastic individuals, with interest in travel and tourism, pushing a motive of providing exciting experiences for Apexians in the respective field. The club members are highly motivated and driven individuals with the potential to take leadership roles in events and activities at Apex. APEX tourism club conducts indoor and outdoor activities by incorporating students of all programs and levels without disrupting Apex college’s values, vision and mission. Club also plays an important role as an idea generating platform in the college. The main theme of the Tourism club is to promote tourism, tourism culture and authenticity inside, but not limited to, Apex premises. As one of the leading clubs of APEX College the club owns a huge responsibility in fulfilling the College vision “Building Human Capital.”

Apex Music and Dance Club

Apex Music and Dance Club is led by the undergraduate students of Apex college that focuses on event planning and management. The club is well-known for bringing entertainment to events at Apex while upholding the highest standards of excellence. The events and activities organized by this club revolve around the principle of ‘Entertainment is always a good idea.’ It is primarily responsible for the managing and executing the Apex’s main event from its founding days namely, ‘Apex Day.’ Moreover, the club engages itself in setting up the ‘Closing Ceremony’ for Apex Sports Club, ‘Acoustic Sessions’ for Apex Media Club and other volunteering assistance for a series of events and activities in the college. Lately, the club is also inclined towards the post-event charity works as a way of giving back to the society. 


Apex Sports Club

Apex Sports Club is one of the leading and actively performing student-led clubs at Apex. It helps to explore, develop and promote athletic interest of Apexians with its recreational and competitive activities, beyond college premises. Over the years, the club has invested its immense time and efforts in promoting indoor and outdoor activities such as table tennis, badminton, chess, cricket and football tournaments. The club provides an opportunity to shape self-discipline, inclusivity, teamwork and other sportsmanship competencies amongst the entire Apex family. ‘Apex Sport Week,’ a week’s event, is the main event conducted under the sole leadership of the club with the voluntary assistance of other clubs of Apex. Along with that, Apex Sports Club manages the participation of Apex College in intra college level events or university events such as PU cup and Patriots Cup.


Apex Media Club

Apex Media Club is one of the core clubs formed and led by the students of undergraduate programs under the direct supervision of Apex Communication Department. The Media Club gives a wide perspective into cooperation, team building, public speaking, photography and videography among the Apexians. The club organizes two major events of the Apex College, namely “Apex Smile Festival” and “Apex Short movie Festival” and aims to be voluntarily indulged in events organized by different clubs. Through these events, students at Apex get a platform to learn, enhance and exhibit their photography and videography skills. Furthermore, Media Club strives to increase awareness and appreciation of arts, media and entertainment in life through education and profession.


Apex IT Club

Apex IT Club is a student-led and student driven team of undergrads, who conduct various events and training in order to boost students' horizons in the IT related field. A mainstay of Apex College, the IT Club aims to bring out the best of Apexians, not limited to IT students, and is always willing to push the boundaries with an enthusiastic and diligent team. The flagship event of Apex IT Club is Apex Gamer's Connect, the latest (2022) edition of which brought over 30 different companies to sponsor the event, and over 10 colleges to take part in an intercollege gaming tournament. Apex IT Club has also conducted multiple sessions such as Microsoft Office training, Graphic Designing training, Google CrowdSource session,  interactions and giveaways. The IT Club has formed an amicable bond between faculty and club members, fostering multiple skills and massive networks.


Apex Heat Club

APEX Health Education Awareness Team (HEAT) was formed in 2015. It is dedicated to promoting the importance of physical or mental well-being of the entire Apex Family, strengthening the adage ‘Health is Wealth.’ Apex HEAT aims at raising awareness on proper health education to boost basic health conscience amongst all domains at Apex. It has supplied first aid boxes in various spaces of the college and conducted donation programs in regards to kidney donation, shoe giving, books and blood donation. HEAT has promoted physical and mental health safety with programs such as Apex Fitness Day, Fitness Revolution Program and Mental Health Awareness program. Furthermore, it has also touched the social welfare sector by successfully conducting webinars on LGBTIQ Awareness and Cyber Sexual Harassment Awareness. In this approach, we are fostering a high degree of solidarity among all Apex College associates.


Apex Incubation Centre

Apex Incubation started as a hub for students who wanted to do more, to be more. It was initially an idea pitched to the college, and quickly evolved to a team of like minded individuals who are connected via their passion, hardwork and memories. Apex Incubation has organized many workshops and seminars of Business Development Plans, Report and/or proposal writing for the business ventures. SEO Training and WordPress Workshop are two initiatives primarily taken by the centre. Incubation basically means a place where an egg gets all the protection, warmth before they hatch and grow in the outside world. In the similar manner, Incubation has the motive to provide all the facilities, infrastructure and qualities that are required to make any sort of business grow in their introductory stages before they go in the market. The club members develop leadership skills, work delegation, planning, content creation, financial analysis, etc that goes into making a successful program. Today Incubation stands as one of the fastest rising student groups in the college, and the members strive to bring the best out of any activity they are involved in.