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The BCIS program at Apex College produces graduates adept at management, information systems, and technology.

F1Soft CEO joins Apex as Industry Advisor for the BCIS program

The BCIS program at Apex College produces graduates adept at management, information systems, and technology. That blend of skill sets has enabled them to find rewarding jobs in Nepal and abroad and also makes for a core reason that so many of them are flourishing at tech startups. But fintech companies and other tech-related ventures also operate in the most rapidly changing business sphere. To help produce graduates who are a cut above the rest, the college thus decided to bring on board as Industry Advisor for the BCIS program the CEO of F1Soft International Pvt. Ltd, Subash Sharma, a trailblazer in Nepal’s fintech sector. Sharma, who has almost two decades of experience in the tech industry, is a co-founder of multiple companies and has played an integral role in growing F1Soft into Nepal’s leading tech company.

On March 11, a formal signing ceremony was held at Apex College to mark the start of Sharma’s alliance with the college. Also representing F1Soft at the signing was Shihsir Pachhai, Group COO. Representing Apex were Principal Durga Rijal, CEO Kavi Raj Joshi, and a host of senior faculty and staff. 

The event began with Joshi welcoming Sharma to the Apex family. “Subash sir will, among others, help our faculty finetune our approach to teaching the BCIS course, help design elective programs, and guide our students and faculty in aspects such as research,” said Joshi. “We believe his association with Apex will also impact the industry.”

Principal Rijal then handed over the letter of appointment to Sharma. Following the handover, she said: “We’ve been waiting for this type of tie-up for many years. We are well aware that the IT industry moves at a very rapid pace, so we are delighted to bring on board an industry advisor with such in-depth knowledge of the tech sector.” 

Subash Sharma followed Principal Rijal at the podium. “I am very excited to play the role that the college has asked me to,” said Sharma. “The tech sector in Nepal suffers from a huge academia-industry gap. I’m thus eager to work with the students and faculty at Apex to produce graduates who are devoted to learning the art of figuring out the underlying logic that shapes how and why tech can be deployed to improve management practices. The BCIS course here has actually been designed very well. And going forward, the program, which is perfect for entrepreneurs, should birth many new business founders in Nepal.”