The University of Padova and Apex College offer a dynamic exchange program funded by Erasmus+. This program has benefited over 60 students and teachers from both institutions. It includes a well-established component called "Microfinance in Action," which has been completed four times. In addition, two MBA students from Apex College have the opportunity to participate in this exchange program every year.

Additionally, for over three years, the program has expanded to include University of Padova. This broader exchange allows students from all three institutions to gain valuable insights into different cultures and markets.

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puja mirsa Class of 2020

I would like to express deep appreciation to Apex for their incredible help in securing the Erasmus+ scholarship. Studying at University of Padova has been an incredible experience. Apex walked me through each step of the application process, making sure I had all I needed to succeed. This opportunity has helped my professional and personal development. I could not have done it without Apex's dedicated guidance.

mahesh joshi Class of 2020

The Erasmus+ scholarship has had an important influence on both my educational and professional objectives. Thanks to Apex, I had the opportunity to study at the University of Padova, where I received unparalleled knowledge and specialization. This exchange program provided me with valuable skills and experiences that will help me well in the future. I will be forever thankful to Apex for this life-changing opportunity.

asha manandhar Class of 2015

I am profoundly thankful to Apex for giving me the opportunity to study at the University of Padova through the Erasmus+ scholarship. This experience has had a significant impact on both my logical and personal development. Exposure to diverse cultural surroundings and creative methods of education has expanded my perspectives and increased my worldview. Thank you, Apex, for making this possible.

dipika chand Class of 2014

My experience with Apex's Erasmus+ exchange program was nothing short of wonderful. Studying at University of Padova helped me discover myself in an entirely novel society and educational system, expanding my knowledge of global business processes. This opportunity has improved not only my academic performance but also my ability to adapt and recover. I definitely recommend Apex to anyone who wants to extend their perspectives.

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