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The Apex Advantage

At Apex, learners get an opportunity to practice their graduate and undergraduate schooling in a simulated corporate world of Apex.

Focus on Academic Excellence

Impressive Student–Faculty Ratio

Excellent Career Counseling and Placement Services

Student-led Clubs, Events, and Activities

Global Connections

Apex Student Counseling Services (ASCS)

Community business Service

LifeLong Learnings

Academic Programmes

Broaden your knowledge and capabilities through rigorous education approaches, experiential learning and industry focused culture followed by intensified communication, management, leadership and IT skills.

Graduate Programmes

Our programmes maintains career-building and career-boosting practices amongst individuals driven with inquisitive, entrepreneurial and professional mindsets.

Undergraduate Programmes

Our programs provide experience and observation based learning with quality education and participative environment not limited to the classroom.

Life at Apex

As enthralling as it gets! Take a tour and learn more about the distinguishing pillars and leading lights of Apex

At Apex, we have clubs managed and operated by students of undergraduate and graduate levels to organize different events and activities that add value to skills development of the Apexians. Clubs at Apex make college life more enjoyable and memorable to the students. Apex currently facilitates 10 student-led clubs.

  • Apex Entrepreneurship Club
  • Apex Leadership Club
  • Apex Case Study Club
  • Apex Travel and Tourism  Club
  • Apex Performing Arts Club
  • Apex Sports Club
  • Apex Media and Marketing Club
  • Apex Information Technology Club
  • Apex Heat Club
  • Apex Incubation Center

Apex currently has 5 centers and 13 learning labs running in graduate and undergraduate levels. Apex Centers provides students with safe and innovative spaces where they strengthen their innovative and inspiring career aspirations. Whereas, Apex learning labs promote the experiential and rigorous approaches to learning that sharpens and whittles the student’s capabilities to excellence.

Centers at Apex

  • Apex Startup Center
  • Apex Career Services
  • Apex Research Center
  • Apex Alumni Center
  • Apex Industry Knowledge and Consulting Center

Labs at Apex

  • Entrepreneurship Lab
  • Leadership Lab
  • Case Study Lab
  • Global Business Lab
  • Social Business Lab
  • Digital Business Lab
  • Family Business Lab
  • BFIS Lab
  • FinTech Lab
  • The Brand Lab
  • The People Lab
  • The Legal Lab
  • The Numbers Lab

Events and activities at Apex make the college journey memorable and cherishable in the life of an Apexian. While the clubs at Apex College organize many of these events and celebrations, some of our longest running events are the following;

  • Apex Day
  • Apex Sports Week
  • Apex Smile Festival
  • Apex Short Movie Festival
  • Apex Gamer’s Connect
  • Apex Entrepreneurship Development Program
  • Apex Case Study Development Program
  • Apex Leadership Development Program

Apex has established the International Student Exchange Program in collaboration with universities from Australia, the US, and Europe. Students and teachers from the schools are able to take advantage of numerous scholarship and exchange programs thanks to the mutual understanding between these universities and Apex College. Our two student exchange programs are with University of Padova and Georgia Southwestern State University.

  • University of Padova
  • Georgia Southwestern State University

Apex in Number


Academic Programmes


Student Clubs


Centers and Labs


Staff Members


Faculty Members


Students on Campus


Sneak a peek and discover your ways to immerse yourself into the energetic, lively and exciting atmosphere of Apex.

Internal Ambience

Apexians are facilitated with student offices, student lounges and startup centers to intensify their creativity, vision and career aspirations where sky's the limit. These spaces offer one the freedom to build intensive knowledge as a way to excel yourself beyond your comfort zone.

External Ambience

After long interactive classes, Apexians chill and hang around in an amphitheater, canteen spaces and coffee shops with their friends and acquaintances. These spaces are relaxing and as a way to strengthen the bonds between students, teachers and the entire Apex Family.

Join Apex for 2022

It's time to start your fall journey at Apex College. We have many courses to choose from, in a variety of flexible formats to meet your busy schedule. Many classes will fill up quickly so join Apex today!

The Apex Experience

Once an Apexian, always an Apexian! Hang on with us while we share the beautiful experiences of people who make Apex a beautiful and driven institution to live in.

The experiences shared by the club presidents at Apex during their 2020/21 tenure.
An interview with Saurav Basnet owner of The Chocolate Room, Whoopee Land Amusement and Water Park.
Mr. Anup Shrestha, BBA-TT program head of Apex College talks about his experiences leading inquisitive and creative future leaders at Apex.
The brand story of APEX College presented by our Principal, Ms. Durga Rijal in a media interview two years ago, when she was leading our college as the Director of Student Affairs.
F1Soft CEO joins Apex as Industry Advisor for the BCIS program

F1Soft CEO joins Apex as Industry Advisor for the BCIS program

The BCIS program at Apex College produces graduates adept at management, information systems, and technology.

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The many benefits of joining a Rotaract club

The many benefits of joining a Rotaract club

Aarju Gaihre, of the 2014 BBA batch, is one of the go-to persons at Apex College that people think of whenever they are starting an initiative or need an associate to execute their plans.

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MBA Graduation Evening at soaltee

MBA Graduation Evening at soaltee

Apex College conducted the graduation evening for the MBA batches of 2017, 2018, and 2019 at Soaltee Hotel, Kathmandu.

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