Scholarship recipient stories

Celebrating determination, dedication, and distinction.

Aayush Goenka BBA Batch 2022

The Apex merit scholarship has truly been a blessing throughout my BBA journey, providing crucial financial support and boosting my confidence along the way. I am sincerely grateful for the encouragement and inspiration it has given me, and I eagerly look forward to seizing future opportunities it may bring.

Prakrity Khanal BCIS Batch 2021

Attending Apex College has been an incredible experience for me. The professors are kind and never fail to motivate us with their expertise and enthusiasm. Receiving scholarships has been a tremendous encouragement, motivating me to excel academically. Additionally, I’ve been lucky enough to find a group of friends whose friendship and support make my time in college enjoyable and enriching. I appreciate all the experiences and opportunities my college has given me.

Sameer Kandel BBA Batch 2021

The scholarship from my college have inspired me to push my limits to study harder and fueled my academic success, driving me to achieve academic excellence and fully embrace my BBA journey.

Aditya Agrawal BBA-BI Batch 2021

Receiving the merit scholarship feels like I can unlock endless possibilities. It's not just a reward for my dedication towards study but a testament to my journey of growth and determination. Here's to chasing dreams with unwavering passion!

Isha Das BBA 2020 Batch

Securing a scholarship every semester was a game-changer. It not only eased my financial stress but also propelled my academic journey, unlocking countless opportunities and enabling me to truly thrive. Forever grateful!

Nima Sherpa BBA-TT Batch 2019

I am a senior-year student pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration with a specialization in Travel and Tourism at Apex College. Throughout my tenure at Apex, I have been honoured with a merit-based scholarship in recognition of my outstanding performance in semester board exams. This scholarship has proven immensely beneficial, in terms of academic encouragement. This serves as a constant source of motivation, driving me to surpass my academic achievements continually.

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