The Apex Travel and Tourism Club is headed by students with a keen interest in exploring and preparing for the travel and tourism sector. The club's central mission is to promote Nepal's tourism, culture, and heritage and to familiarize Apexians with Nepal's unique socio-cultural riches. The club conducts tourism-themed events on campus and also organizes tours for Apexians interested in better understanding Nepal's touristic potential.

Rijju Rajbhandari

Club president

The Apex Performing Arts Club, enhances college events with creative entertainment. We are known for both collaborating with other clubs and hosting independent events. Since the college's inception, the club has been entrusted with the annual Apex Day celebration. Recently, they have expanded their focus to include post-event charitable initiatives.

Adarsha Dhakal

Club president

Apex Sports and Leadership Club: The Apex Sports and Leadership Club is dedicated to promoting health, fitness, and sportsmanship within the Apex community. We organize various sports tournaments, including table tennis, badminton, chess, cricket, and football, to encourage active participation and develop skills such as self-discipline and teamwork. Our annual signature event, Apex Sports Week, brings together the college community for a week of sporting activities. The club also represents Apex College in inter-college and inter-university competitions like the PU Cup and Patriots Cup ANFA futsal Tournament, NATHAM Cup.

Rupam Bhattrai

Club president

The Apex Information Technology Club is led by a team of students who conduct various events and training programs that help students' proactive role in IT-related activities. A mainstay of Apex College, the Information Technology Club aims to bring out the best of Apexians, not limited to IT students, and is always willing to push the boundaries with an enthusiastic and diligent team.

Rishav Tamrakar

Club president

Apex media and marketing club led by undergraduate students focuses on enhancing skills in branding, marketing, communication, production, and management. We annually organize two major events: the Apex Smile Festival and the Apex Short Movie Festival. In addition, the club provides multimedia support to other clubs and promotes the appreciation of arts within the Apex College community.

Anshu Upreti

Club president

The APEX Health Education and Awareness Team (HEAT)champions the physical and mental well-being of the Apex community. We raise awareness through educational initiatives, providing resources like first aid kits, and organizing donation programs for various causes & events such as Apex Fit Fest and Fitness Revolution Program, while also addressing social welfare concerns with webinars on topics like LGBTIQ awareness and cyber sexual harassment.

Reshika Gurung

Club president

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