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Apex career Services presents College to Corporate and Career Conclave programs

Apex Career Services organized two incredible programs: College to Corporate (C2C) and Career Conclave this June. These programs were designed to prepare the students for their career journey and help them achieve their goals. We are thrilled to have offered these opportunities and prepare Apexians for the next phase of their professional journey.


Job Dynamics hosted a series of career workshops every Sunday from June 19 to June 30, featuring a lineup of 24 expert speakers. Divided into two parts, the workshops aimed to provide valuable insights and guidance to attendees.


College to Corporate (C2C) focused on preparing individuals for the corporate world, emphasizing the importance of higher education. The highlights included discussions on the pathway to corporate success and the intricacies of launching a new venture.

Career Conclave also featured the participation of 24 speakers from different fields. The objectives were to alleviate confusions surrounding career pathways, offer diverse perspectives from speakers with various professional backgrounds, provide training for the corporate world, and delve into the expertise, challenges, and optimal timing for pursuing higher education.


C2C of BBA-BI:

Preparing for Corporate: Mr.Manoj Gyawali, CFO at Nabil Bank

Starting up a New Venture: Mr. Tenzin Sonam Goshar, CEO at  Team Ventures

Higher Education: Mr.Vinay Kumar Sharma

Career Conclave under Fintech: Mr. Diwas Kumar Sapkota, CEO at Fonepay

Career Conclave under Banking: Shraddha Joshi, Human Resources Relationship Manager at Standard Chartered Bank

Career Conclave under Insurance: Adhar Bhandari

C2C of BBA-TT:

Preparing for Corporate: Bhola Thapa, President at President Group of Companies

Starting up a New Venture: Mr. Rajan Sakya, CEO at KGH Group & Founder/Director at Museum of Nepali Art

Higher Education: Mr. Mani R. Lamichhane, Director at Nepal Tourism Board (NTB), National Project Coordinator-Sustainable Tourism for Livelihood Recovery Project (STLRP)

Career Conclave under Airline Industry: Mr.Rupesh Joshi, Director of Marketing, sales and ground handling at Buddha Air

Career Conclave under Nepal Tourism Board: Shradha Shrestha, Manager at Nepal Tourism Board

Career Conclave under hospitality: Roopesh Shrestha, Director at Learning and Development

C2C of BCIS:

Preparing for Corporate: Pawan Krishna Shrestha, Executive Chairman at TechKraft

Starting up a New Venture : Niraj Khanal, CEO of Antar Prerana 

Higher Education: Tika Upreti

Career Conclave under Technopreneur: Subrat Basnet, Co-founder at Grepsr

Career Conclave under Software Engineering: Anish Shrestha, Co-Founder/ CEO at EventsMo & Fawesome Apps

Career Conclave under Academic Practitioner: Sunil Sah, Entrepreneur and Educator

C2C of BBA:

Preparing for Corporate: Pravin Raman Parajuli, Chief Executive Officer at Nepal Life Insurance Co. Ltd.

Starting up a New Venture: Manish Thapa, Founding Managing Partner & Managing Director at  Global Equity Fund

Higher Education: DR. Minendra Rijal

Career Conclave under Marketing : Monayac Karki, CEO at Uptrendly

Career Conclave under Finance: Mr.Jagdish Khadka, CEO at e-Sewa

Career Conclave under Entrepreneur: Mr.Rohit Tiwari, CEO at Hamrobazar


Job Dynamics' series of career workshops with esteemed speakers aimed to equip participants with valuable knowledge and insights, covering diverse topics ranging from corporate readiness to higher education.