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Apex Cultural Day 2022

On December 12, the Apex Travel and Tourism Club hosted the Apex Cultural Day 2022 event. Right after the president of the Apex Travel and Tourism Club, Milan Khatri, signaled the start of the event, a lakhey dance troupe, comprising Apex students, wended its way through the crowd and immersed the audience in their performance. The dance set the tone for this extremely colorful event, which featured various song and dance performances that, together, represented an exceedingly wide spectrum of Nepal’s cultural riches. And the presence of food stalls by brands such as Donut Drool, Casa Mexicana, Lueur Adornments, Dalle, Maithili, Flavour's Bubble Tea, Karara Kitchen, and Beautybee added a dose of verve to the event’s carnivalesque character. The event was brought to a close with the announcement of winners, selected by a lucky draw, who received gifts and discount coupons from the event sponsors.

Below are some of the glimpses of the day