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Apex Digital Marketing Camp

On September 7 and 8, the Apex Digital Marketing Camp–a two-day workshop–was conducted by Apex College for recent high school graduates (NEB +2, A-Level, and other students). The three key topics discussed at the event were influence marketing, social media marketing, and content development. The event, run by the Apex IT club, featured instructors from the college who helped Apex students better understand IT related particulars.

The event’s resource person was Deepak Jaiswal, founder and CEO at Urban Nomads, Oho Digital, and Hot Deals. He is a skilled digital strategist with a long career in marketing and advertising. He has also formerly served as Explore Gadgets’ digital marketing strategist.

During his talk, Mr Jaiswal explained how digital marketing has been evolving in recent years and how the potential of the sector has grown. He covered everything from topics such as persona- and audience-segmentation to strategies for creating effective digital-marketing campaigns.