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Apex Freshers 2022

The Apex Freshers 2022 event was held at Smart Durbar, Dhumbarahi, on Nov 11. An annual event managed by the students of the 3rd semester, Apex Freshers introduces freshers to the Apexian culture and celebrates the new students’ talents. In the run-up to the event, the student organizers mentor the fresher participants. And from among the participants, the event’s judges, comprising public figures, select the Mr and Ms Fresher for the incoming batch. The judges this year were Mr Abhibind Khaniya (event manager), Ms Sweekrity Pyakural (fashion designer, model), and Ms Sumi Shahi (event manager).

The main title winners this year were Ashutosh Verma, who won the Mr Fresher 2022 title, and Shristi Bhusal, who was crowned Ms Fresher 2022. The winners of the sub-titles were as follows: Samit Raj Bhandari (Most Popular); Mausam Khadka (Most Photogenic); Lekhika Regmi (Best Personality); Aditya Shrestha (Most Talented); and Kristina Guragain (Best Walk). 

Among this year’s activities were a talent round (featuring freshers); a classical music performance by Adarsha Dhakal and Sanjana Subedi; a Sequence Walk (featuring freshers); a band performance by Apex students; and a closing music performance by Binit Shrestha.

The Apex Freshers 2022 Organizing Committee–the team chiefly responsible for planning and executing the event–was made up of Adarsha Dhakal, Kripa Garbuja, Christina Shahi, Rozal Man Shrestha, Sanjana Subedi, Aman Siddiqui, Aaisha Rawal, and Aman Tamang.