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Apex Library organizes an Engaging Book Talk Session with Author Buddhi Sagar

Apex Library recently hosted an enlightening session of Apex Book Talks, featuring a captivating conversation with esteemed author Buddhi Sagar, renowned for his critically acclaimed novel, “Karnali Blues,” on 6th  of July, 2023, as book lovers and admirers of Buddhi Sagar's work gathered at Six Sigma hall. 

The event aimed to explore the themes and inspirations behind "Karnali Blues," a deeply introspective novel that has garnered widespread praise for its poignant storytelling.

This session with Mr. Buddhi Sagar delved into various aspects of his literary journey, offering attendees a glimpse into his creative motivations and writing techniques. The author graciously shared personal anecdotes, shedding light on the novel's genesis. 

This successful book talk session highlighted literature's significance for self-expression and social commentary, motivating future events to celebrate written words and engage in meaningful conversations with distinguished authors.