Feb 20, 2020 Kathmandu

Apex College is delighted to welcome Faculties and Students from Georgia Southwestern State University (GSW), USA on January 16, 2020. The Program titled “Apex Student Exchange Program 2020” is the 2nd edition of student exchange program after Apex
College signed MoU with GSW back in 2016. The series of the program including seminar and interaction program was organized by graduate and undergraduate students of Apex College. The Program saw gracious presence of Prof. Irina T. Toteva, Prof. Keaton Wynn, Prof. Kailash Ghimire from GSW and Respected Dignitaries from Apex College. The Program was inaugurated by Soulful music of Nepalese folk instrument Sarangi followed by rise in the glory of National Anthem and Cultural Dance performances by the

The welcome program was designed with the objective of sharing Nepalese culture, music and hospitality towards distinguished guests. Ms. Durga Rijal, Directors of Student Affairs, Apex College briefed about the series of programs and thanked the
organizing team for organizing Three different programs simultaneously in three different venues. Prof. Irina T. Toteva, Assistant Professor of Marketing and an Instructor and Research Assistant at GSW interacted with Graduate Program students on the seminar titled “Consumer Decision Making and Emotion”. She talked about consumer internal influences and affections towards their needs and the element of surprise in their purchase. “Nepal is a Country of Culture. People are really kind in welcoming us. I am looking forward to another visit” She added. The team who stayed in Nepal for 15 days was astonished by the gesture of Nepalese hospitality. Meanwhile, Prof. Keaton Wynn, Professor of Art History and Ceramics at GSW highlighted the key issues and prospects of “Contemporary Arts” in the modern context. He covered the brief outline of the development in western art starting from pre-modern, modern to postmodern phase. He also talked about the global economic impact as well as the importance of contemporary arts. He concluded with a discussion of the socio-economic function of contemporary art as an arena of theoretical discourse with the Students of  undergraduate program. Also, Eight Students from GSW shared their ideas, culture, and experiences with Nine
Students of Apex College in the interaction program. Ms. Durga Rijal lead the interaction program at one of the venues. While Foreign Students expressed their interest in several Nepalese culture and language, Nepalese students highlighted the diversity of our 
country. The discussion included career choices, attitude, beliefs and importance of education where they exchanged gifts made of up Nepalese Handicrafts.

At the end of the interaction, feedback from students were taken regarding the overall program as well as interaction with fellow students. In order to promote and support “Visit Nepal 2020” theme, Apex Students demonstrated various aspects of Nepalese Diversity with the help of expo which included cultural dresses, musical instruments, art and artifacts along with Nepali Cuisines. Additionally, Professor Kailash Ghimire expressed his warm regards towards Apex College. Mr. Vinay Sharma, Director of Academic Affairs, Mr. Kishore Dhungana, Associate Director of Graduate Program and Mr. Nabin Kumar Jha, Associate Director of Undergraduate Program thanked the respected guest Professor Ghimire, Professor Toteva and Professor Wynn with a Token of Love on behalf of Apex College.

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