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Career Builder Pathway Session with Anil Keshary Shah

Earlier this year, the Apex Career Services (ACS) launched a new program–Career Builder Pathway–to help our students better prepare for the market. As part of the program, the ACS invites experts from various fields, takes students on company tours, has them attend corporate meetings, and conducts seminars on skill-sharpening. Besides helping the students develop their interpersonal skills and personalities, the program also helps grow their network.

Build Your Personal Brand

During the program’s inaugural session, on August 16, the ACS invited Mr Anil Keshary Shah to Apex to talk about the art of building personal brands and networks. Mr Shah, a leading personality in Nepal’s banking sector, has been the Chief Executive Officer at both Nabil Bank and Mega Bank. He is also well-known as a motivational speaker. For his session at Apex, Mr Shah mostly focused on personal branding. 
He started out by providing a brief anecdote relating to his own journey of developing a strong personal brand and then followed up with strategies and tactics for effectively using social media sites to build personal and professional networks. He encouraged students to step outside their comfort zones and to also rediscover their sense of self. He also offered a lesson in planning one’s growth journey: regardless of how well-established your family is, he said, unless you forge your own identity, no one will recognize you in the marketplace.