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Graduation Ceremony for the 2017 Undergrad Batch

On September 18, the Apex Graduation Evening 2022 event was held for the undergraduates of the 2017 batch, at the Soaltee Hotel, Kathmandu. The keynote speaker for the event was Mr Amit Agrawal, Co-founder and Director of Khalti Digital Wallet.

During his keynote speech, Mr Agrawal provided pointers on how business students could succeed in today’s changing market. “Don’t follow the crowd,” he said. “And while having great dreams is fine, they should always be in line with your skill set. Focus first on addressing problems, rather than increasing your income.”

The program began with a welcome address by Apex College’s Principal, Ms. Durga Rijal. Later, Chairperson Dr Minendra Rijal wrapped up the event with a few remarks; besides explaining how the pedagogy at Apex would help graduates on their learning journeys in the future, he also delivered a nugget of wisdom regarding communications skills: he explained why we all need to prioritize listening over our need to be heard.