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Undergrad Social Mixture program 2022 at Dhulikhel

On Dec 8, Apex College held this semester’s Undergraduate Induction Program at Dhulikhel, Kavrepalanchok. The aim of the off-campus social mixture event was to introduce newly enrolled undergraduates to the college’s overall culture and learning methodologies. Such programs help freshers better understand the numerous facets of marketing, management, and entrepreneurship. 

To help them get up to speed, the students were given group projects to complete, as part of a "Management Game". They were divided into teams, and the team members were tasked with developing a creative business concept that mimicked real-world contexts and conditions. They created product prototypes and developed marketing plans to promote and market their product. Finally, they pitched their business concept to faculty members and judges, who selected the best team on the basis of how the teams performed with regard to collaboration, financial forecasting, and marketing tactics. 

By participating in the Management Game and other similar activities, the undergraduates were able to quickly absorb some of the fundamentals of management concepts, such as planning, coordination, decision-making, and communication.