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BCSIT is a four-year, 126 credit-hour curriculum of Pokhara University. The curriculum aims to integrate the concepts and practices of management with information systems and technology. It prepares you to develop a complete and integrated management information system required by today’s organizations to make informed, timely decisions. The curriculum introduces you to contemporary concepts, issues, and practices of management, and enhances your knowledge and skills around information systems and technology, which you need to develop management information systems.

The curriculum also offers you the opportunity to select two elective courses, equivalent to 6 credit hours, in accordance with your personal interests and career aspirations. Apart from the coursework, you are also required to complete one internship, one major project (3 credits) and two minor projects (1 credit and 2 credits) to graduate from the BCIS program.


As the BCSIT program is specifically designed for careers related to information systems and technology in organisations–irrespective of their nature, size and locations–it does not offer additional or separate courses as concentrations.


  • 4 years; 127 credit hours
  • 40 hours of lab work for each IT subject
  • At least one non-credit course each year
  • Project work for each programming subject


  • Minimum 12 years of formal schooling
  • CGPA of 1.8 (on a 4.0 point scale) or 45 percent grades (minimum Grade ‘D’ on individual subjects) in any +2 stream 


  • Computer-based test (Gade 9 & 10 General Math and English | 1.5 hrs)
  • Essay writing (Handwritten | 30 mins)
  • In-person interview