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The mission of Apex Career Services (ACS) is to support students in developing their career vision and connecting them with employment opportunities.

Apex Career Services

The mission of Apex Career Services (ACS) is to support students in developing their career vision and connecting them with employment opportunities. At ACS, we are fully invested in helping you find your career path.

We pay personal attention to your career objectives that contribute to your career success. We help you explore your career options, prepare for the challenges of recruitment, and access opportunities that will get you to your desired destination.

We facilitate placement of our graduates through various services: career counselling, corporate visits, corporate meets, employer presentations, training and workshops, and on-campus recruitment, among others.

We have signed MOUs with many of Nepal’s top-tier companies who will be ensuring priority placements for Apex students.

Key components of our career services program

Industry Knowledge

We introduce our first trimester/semester students to key industries, including banking, tourism, transportation, information technology, and energy, among others. Students gain in-depth knowledge about these industries and explore career options therein, based on individual career choices.

Career Planning and Development Workshops

We organise career workshops to educate, prepare, and support you in your job search. In addition, the workshops also help you with self-assessment, resume writing, preparing a cover letter, networking, interviewing techniques, and understanding contemporary issues.

Employer Presentations

We invite professionals and experts from different companies to provide company briefings to our students. They help you understand the nature and scope of a particular company and career opportunities available therein.

Individual Counselling

We provide one-on-one counselling to our students. Our individual counselling sessions help you focus your job search, write professional resumes and cover letters, improve your interviewing skills, and ultimately enhance your chances of landing your desired placement.

The Job Search

The job search is a very important part of career-development services. Deploying all our resources and networks, we help you explore your options, conduct your search, and make effective connections with employers and with our network of more than 3,200 alumni.

Networking Connections

The Apex Alumni database gives you an opportunity to increase your social-network reach. You may contact any Apex graduate who is listed on our alumni database. We help you build strong connections with the business world in a number of ways, such as through visits with executives, company briefings, internships, alumni meets, and industry visits.

On-campus Recruitment

We routinely organise and facilitate on-campus recruitment for our graduates. For these events, we bring on board recruiters from a spectrum comprising Nepal’s leading companies.

For further information, please contact

Kul Prasad Prasai
Head-Apex Career Services

Apex Career Services (ACS)